Welcome to the wonderful world of Wet Willy's Auto Bath


  • Wet Willy is a fanatic frog that is obsessed with clean cars and trucks.
  • As a young toad he jumped through the country side noticing how dirty the cars are in Michigan.
  • Wet Willy had a dream. He wants to see every car sparkle and shine inside and look like they came out of the show room.
  • So Wet Willy’s Auto Bath was born on May 16, 2009, in Madison Heights, Michigan.
  • At Wet Willy’s Auto Bath we are obsessed with making sure your vehicle as a clean as it can be.
  • The Wet Willy’s Auto Bath motto is “We Take Pride in Your Ride” and we do.
  • Wet Willy is waiting for you to bring your vehicle to our wash.
  • He is always supervising over the workers to be sure that your vehicle leaves our location sparkling and shining.
  • Come see Wet Willy today and see how the Wet Willy Way will make your vehicle shine inside and out.  Wet Willy's Auto Bath is the best Car Wash in Madison Heights, Michigan.
Wet Willy's Auto Bath, Best Car Wash in Madison Heights, Michigan

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